Try T-Regx in your browser! (no registration)

Feel free to try T-Regx right in your browser without downloading it locally. The Playground is ready to work in under 60 seconds, without sign-up, registration or e-mail details.

Once run, you are free to edit EDIT_HERE.php file for your own code. There's also an EXAMPLES.php file, with predefined usages of T-Regx for you to use. There's also composer.json and composer.phar in the playground, so you can download additional dependencies right in your browser!

  • Watch short YouTube video tutorial
  • Click your way through :)

YouTube Tutorial

Watch an easy, short YouTube tutorial on how to run T-Regx in your browser.

Hands-on Tutorial

  1. Go to
  2. Click "start coding"

    Start coding
  3. Open "Import From GitHub" tab

    Choose "Import From Github" tab
  4. T-Regx/playground

    Import playground
  5. "Import from Github" and play!

    Play with T-Regx