T-Regx recommended way of installation is using Composer.

PHP 7.1 and later

The installation of T-Regx for PHP 7.1 is really simple. Just add a composer dependency:

$ composer require rawr/t-regx

If you're using PHP 7.1 or newer, feel free to skip to Introduction.

Older PHP versions

Support for PHP <7.1 is achieved by maintaining two additional branches (master-php-5.6 and master-php5.3). After each release, new changes are merged into the 5.6 and 5.3 branches. This way, we can develop T-Regx and use the newest PHP features, while still support those who can't migrate with each PHP release.

PHP 5.6

$ composer require rawr/t-regx:dev-master-php-5.6

PHP 5.3

$ composer require rawr/t-regx:dev-master-php5.3

Remember that those versions can still be run and tested on PHP 7.1+ environments. They will just lack the new PHP features like scalar params, nullable types, return type hints; but they will use PHP 7.1 PREG_EMPTY_AS_NULL, error_clear_last(), preg_replace_callback_array etc.

Of course, the API is exactly the same, regardless of PHP version. A single set of integration tests is run for each environment.

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