What's new, new, new!

Another quicky update what's going on with CleanRegex :)

Most important of these two is that patterns used with CleanRegex no longer need delimiters :> I'm pretty happy with it, I don't see any reason why developers should keep including those.

What's new, new, new! Part 2

I've separated the library into CleanRegex and SafeRegex. The SafeRegex is an exact copy of all preg_*() methods (like preg_match(), preg_replace()). They're used like this:

  • preg_match() -> preg::match()
  • preg_replace() -> preg::replace()

I didn't want to use namespaces (like \SafeRegex\preg_match) because that would mean the programmers reading the code would have to check the imported namespaces every time they look at the code. With double colon :: it's obvious. Read on, for more details.

Back on track!

I'm here just to give you guys, a quick update and sum up what's been going on.

So, I'm pretty happy with how's the lib looking right now. :) There's a pretty throughout ReadMe.md there on CleanRegex github, but I bet you I'll expand it with more examples. :)

The library, actually, already looks like how I imagined it and how I will try to make it look in the end, which is:

  • Based on exceptions
  • Overly simple set of chainable methods
  • Wrapping nulls, falsees and empty and nested arrays with clean API.

Hello, World!

Hello, there! I'm very pleased to inform you that I've just started working on an open source Regular Expressions library for PHP. :> I'm really passionate about it and I hope we'll get along really nicely!