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Templates and builders


We've release T-Regx 0.11.0.

This is more of a maintenance release, most of our development time is hovering around inject #91 issue, and that's quite a heavy feature, requiring us to in fact rewrite our Prepared Patterns completely, and use our dedicated regular expressions parser. None of the parsers available on the internet matched our needs. It will probably be released as T-Regx 1.0, because it introduces too much breaking changes. (Actually it was realeased as 0.12.0)

Another time-consuming thing is website being rewritten from scratch, you can expect it in a few months.

In this release, we simplified PatternBuilder to Pattern, simplified template() and mask() methods, unified Pattern/PatternImpl/PatternInterface into one being, and we added Pcre version helper.

As of the release, as always, everything is described in on github.