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Valentine's release


We've release T-Regx 0.10.1.

This time, we've updated match filtering. Previously, methods filter() used on regular match pattern, it would filter only Detail, and have exactly alike interface as the said match pattern (like a filtering decorator), yet fluent()->filter() simply removed entries from the fluent stream. We don't like that difference.

So we renamed match()->filter() to match()->remaining(), since that looks more like a decorator it is, and we added new match()->filter() method which works like all(), but it only returns the items matching the predicate (like array_filter).

Apart from that, we fixed a bug that was lurking in fluent()->flatMap() (don't worry, it's gone now :), as well as improving the fluent()->first(). Now, when filtering a fluent stream, calling first() first calls preg_match(), and if it matches the predicate, that Detail is simply returned. If the first Detail isn't matched by the predicate, then it calls preg_match_all() and returns the first detail from that, that matches the predicate.

As always, everything is described in on github.