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Release 0.9.13


We're making big steps towards PHP 8!

In this release, apart from some cool features, we're deprecating Match, since PHP8 brings new match keyword, and on PHP8 Match is a parse error. Since now, you whould be using Detail instead.

We're in a process of rewriting our documentation with the changes and suggestions to use Detail now.

From now on, the first couple of versions include deprecated Match, as well as new Detail, so there's some time to update. We'd wish to keep the deprecation forever, to keep backwards compatibility but that's impossible! :/ There's an ugly ultimatum.

We can either:

  • Keep Match, deprecated or not; only on PHP7
  • Run it on PHP8, but without Match

We can't declare Match for backwards compatibility, because then we couldn't run it on PHP8. So once we start supporting PHP8, we stop supporting deprecated Match. We're sorry there's no other way around.

In the future, we'll release version 0.10.0, and it will support PHP8 fully; but there will no longer be Match, only Detail.

As always, everything is described in on GitHub.