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Toss a coin to your T-Regx!

Hello, back again! :) We've added a "Sponsor" button on


If you like T-Regx going in the right direction, now you have the opportunity to throw us buck or two.

Next release#

And a heads up, in the new 0.9.6 release, we'll add a really smart asInt() and fluent() methods; which are already present, but will get an upgrade.

You see, match()->first() calls preg_match() and that makes sense. Also match()->fluent() calls preg_match_all(), because later fluent()->map() or fluent()->filter()->first() can be called, for example. And that also, sorta makes sense. But, unfortunately match()->fluent()->first() and match()->asInt()->first() also call preg_match_all(), and that's a bit wasteful.

So now we're introducing a change (similar to Java 8 Streams) that will call preg_match() for fluent()->first() and asInt()->first().