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Release 0.9.4 - Exception changes and groupBy()

This release brings updates in exceptions (namespaces, new detailed exceptions) and a groupBy() method.


In previous release we renamed SafeRegexException to PregException. In this, we're renaming CleanRegexException to PatternException. So now, those two general exceptions sync nicely with their base methods:

try {
return preg::match('/Foo/', $subject);
} catch (PregException $e) {
try {
return pattern('Foo')->test($subject);
} catch (PatternException $e) {

They both extend RegexException - base for all exceptions thrown by T-Regx. So that's the first thing.

The second exception update - previously, every exception thrown based on preg_last_error() method was RuntimePregException. Now, each error has a dedicated exception, which can be caught separately:

try {
return preg::match($pattern, $subject);
} catch (BacktrackLimitPregException $exception) {
} catch (Utf8OffsetPregException $exception) {

The detailed list of changes is in

New method groupBy()#

This release also comes with a brand new method - groupBy() which groups matches by a capturing group (name or index). It can match strings, offsets and also map them with map() and flatMap(). Additionally, it can be chained with filter() to leave out unwanted matches:

return pattern('(\d)(?<unit>cm|mm)')->match($strings)
->filter(function (Match $match) {
return $match->group(1)->toInt() % 2 == 0;
->map(function (Match $match) {
return $match->group(1)->toInt() * 100;