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Release 0.9.3 - Minor changes

That's a really quick update, we just found a PHP bug report #78853, that's probably going to be fixed in future versions of PHP, but we decided to include the bugfix in T-Regx so it's fixed in PHP 7.1 (if you're using T-Regx :)

Apart from that, we added preg::last_error_msg(), which returns the same data as preg::last_error(), but in in human-readable string. There are suggestions on PHP source code, that this method might become part of standard PHP library, so we at T-Regx thought we might include it already :) And if it's not included, after all, that's still a good idea to have this method :)

And there are some breaking changes, that should increase readability, for example this exception:

try {
return preg::match('/pattern/', $word)
catch (PregException $e) {

seems a bit more intuitive than

catch (SafeRegexException $e) {

So to name the exception based on a class/method, not the module :)

And FIY, the next feature we're working at T-Regx is groupBy(), which should complete groupByCallback() functionality already present in T-Regx. So expect that method first! :)

That's it for today, thanks guys!