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Release 0.9.2 - You're in for a treat!

๐Ÿ˜Ž T-Regx The Dinosaur is really proud to announce its first beta version! Despite the beta suffix, it's 100% suitable for production use. It doesn't have any known bugs - check out the issues. There is a few breaking changes (since that's a 0.* version), but there are also a looot of improvements and new feautres. What's new in this release:

Here's a release on github: (see

  • Breaking changes
    • Methods pattern()/Pattern::of() no longer "magically" guess whether a pattern is delimited or not. Pattern::of() assumes pattern is delimited, new Pattern::pcre() takes an old-school delimited pattern.
    • Constructor new Pattern() is no longer a part of T-Regx API. Use Pattern::of()/pattern()
    • Renamed Match.parseInt() to Match.toInt() (the same for MatchGroup)
    • Removed pattern()->match()->test()/fails(). From now on, use pattern()->test()/fails()
    • Removed is():
      • is()->delimited()
      • is()->usable()
      • is()->valid() is changed to valid()
    • Removed split()->ex(), changed split()->inc() to split()
  • Features
    • Added ๐Ÿ”ฅ
    • Added pattern()->match()->fluent() ๐Ÿ”ฅ
    • Added pattern()->match()->asInt()
    • Added pattern()->match()->distinct() (leaves only unique matches)
    • Added prepared pattern method Pattern::inject()/Pattern::bind() (see below)
    • In pattern()->match()->groups():
      • Added groups()->forEach()/iterate()
      • Added groups()->flatMap()
      • Added groups()->map()
      • Added group()->fluent()
      • Added groups()->names() (and namedGroups()->names())
      • Added groups()->count() (and namedGroups()->count())
    • Added match()->offsets()->fluent()
    • Added match()->group(string)->offsets()->fluent()
    • Added pattern()->forArray()->strict() which throws for invalid values, instead of filtering them out
  • SafeRegex
    • Added preg::grep_keys() ๐Ÿ”ฅ, that works exactly like preg::grep(), but filters by keys (also accepts PREG_GREP_INVERT)
  • Enhancements/updates
    • Method by()->group()->orElse() now receives lazy-loaded Match, instead of a subject
    • Added withReferences() to CompositePattern.chainedReplace()
    • Previously named Pattern::inject() is renamed to Pattern::bind()
    • The Pattern::bind() (old Pattern::inject()) still accepts values as an associative array, but new Pattern::inject() receives values without regard for the keys.
    • Fixed passing invalid types to forArray(). Previously, caused fatal error due to internal preg_grep() implementation.
  • Other
    • Now MalformedPatternException is thrown, instead of CompileSafeRegexException, when using invalid PCRE syntax.
    • Returning Match from replace()->callback() (instead of Match.text() as string)
    • Match +12 is no longer considered a valid integer for isInt()/toInt()
    • Unnamed group will be represented as null in Match.groupNames(), instead of being simply ignored
    • helper() method, Pattern and PatternBuilder now return interface PatternInterface, instead of Pattern class. Pattern class now only holds static utility methods, and PatternImpl holds the pattern implementation.
  • Maintenance


  • Apart from PHP type hints, every version up to this point could be run on PHP 5.3 (if one removes type hints from code, one can run T-Regx on PHP 5.3). Every error, exception, malfunction, inconsistency was handled correctly by T-Regx. From this version on (0.9.2), handling of the errors and inconsistencies is dropped, since T-Regx now only supports PHP 7.1.

Hope you guys will like and enjoy it!