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Don't forget about T-Regx

Some of you might have noticed that not many new features have been added to 0.9.2 release candidate, since few weeks. But rest assured! :D Work on T-Regx hasn't slowed a bit! We've just put more effort on a more side-part of T-Regx.

Thanks to the keen eye of T-Regx user, Andreas Leathley, it stroke us that phpDoc in public methods of preg class (so preg::match(), preg::replace(), etc.) were not only outdated, they were incorrect at times. Thanks Andreas! :)

At first, we only wanted to correct the mistakes, but I quickly realized that mere phpDoc inherited from preg_*() methods is not enough :/ That could be easily found on, what T-Regx users could really benefit from is a really extensive, rich, long, detailed and robust documentation.

That's why we've spent a little over a week to create an application that's capable of generating a complex and rich phpDoc for preg class (of course we'll use it for more classes in T-Regx). Main updates for the documentation will include:

  • Robust description of every parameter of every preg_*()
  • Detailed description of every flag used (e.g. PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE)
  • Rich description of each method, it's relation, similarities and differences to other methods

And it will be much easier to maintain, because every class will have a phpDoc that's not written, but generated.

I'm pretty certain T-Regx is going to have a documentation you've never seen before :D

Of course, there are also some minor changes:

  • We've added pattern()->match()->group()->fluent()
  • Added callback for pattern()->match()->group()->first()
  • Updated detailed description in

Keep looking forward to T-Regx 0.9.2! :)