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Match details update

Most changes in T-Regx since the last Blog post were to Match details. We added user data (getUserData()/setUserData()) which can be used in chained calls (e.g. filter()->map()).

The second change is isInt()/parseInt() which allow you to handle "real" integers safetly - without the fear of "PHP smart" integers (e.g. PHP thinks that "1e3" is 1000). T-Regx understands that robust applications can't allow numbers to be 10e4 - it should be treated as an invalid integer by default!

And last,|string) is now validated (T-Regx was waiting a bit for this change!). We believe that using an invalid group name is a sign of a bug, so using group(-1) or group('!@#') now throws \InvalidArgumentException, as it's more suitable than assuming that -1 is just an unmatched group.