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Welcome T-Regx

The library changes its name! Now it's called T-Regx! It's a combination of words "T-Rex" - the dinosaur - and "RegExp".

Also, I've invested much more time into the development of CleanRegex T-Regx. Read on, for a detailed list of features.

Here are the results:

  • Library changed its name. :D
  • PHP silences almost all of buggy situations, so T-Regx is now throwing different exceptions for:
    • Invalid pattern - should never happen in prod
    • Unmatched subject - should be handled by the developer
    • Invalid group name (like _*) - should never happen
    • Nonexistent group name (one that wasn't used in a pattern) - should never happen
    • Group index exceeding number of groups - should never happen
    • Negative group index - should never happen
    • Group that wasn't matched by subject - should be handled by the developer
    • Capture a split delimiter, that's not inside a capturing group - should never happen
  • forFirst() for matches, replacements and groups - useful in cases of "should be handled by the developer"
  • PCRE returns offsets as bytes, always. T-Regx now returns these offsets as characters, using mb_string extension. You can still get offsets in bytes using ->byteOffset() method.
  • Added CompositePattern class. It's used to perform operations of many patterns and on one subject, like:
    • Check if all patterns match a subject
    • Check if any pattern matches a subject
    • Invoke many replacements, and pass result of one preg_replace() as a subject to the other.

But it's still a long way until T-Regx 1.0 is released. :)