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Support for PHP 5.3

Hello there! Another update, this time there's more to it - much has changed.

Here's a quick list:

  • is now more throughout
  • CleanRegex runs on Travis and Coveralls
  • The library can now be required using Composer
  • CleanRegex supports PHP 5.3
  • Handling compile pattern exceptions and runtime pattern exceptions
  • Passing callbacks with detailed object parameters (Match and ReplaceMatch).
  • Add a facade Pattern::of()

In addition, I'd like to give a quick thanks to Bartek - my friend currently working at Thulium - for a nice suggestion :)

I plan on supporting older versions of PHP by maintaining two branches: master and master-php5.3. I will develop CleanRegex on master with PHP 7.1, and with each release, I will merge master to master-php5.3 and remove any PHP 5.3 incompatibilities (type hints, scalar arguments, etc.).

I will not remove other incompatibilities, like missing constants, nonexistent methods, etc. because code on master will be developed not to relay on those that much. I will also write unit tests for breaking PHP changes. Some of them will be skipped for PHP 7.1+, and some for PHP <7.1.

PS: Just letting you know that I plan on investing more time in maintaining CleanRegex now :)